About Us

About Us

We at Haritha Honda have an established tradition of making our customer's needs our top priority. This approach has enabled us to deliver top notch results in sales and services of two-wheelers. We are proud to be one of the leading Honda Motorcycle & Scooter dealers in India.

We have a team of highly trained professionals and HET technology to help service your two wheeler.

As always, we would be happy to hear from you.

So do send in your queries and suggestions. ( sales@harithahonda.com )


Everyone has a dream, some goal or activity that gives their life deeper meaning and sparks passion. When we pursue our dreams, we feel empowered. This power, in turn, connects us to others who share the same dreams. It gives us the strength to overcome great challenges. It inspires us to spread the joy of our dreams to other people. Ultimately, the power borne of a dream is a creative force, capable of producing revolutionary ideas. Honda encourages all its associates to pursue their dreams. That's why we say we are a company built on dreams. The power of Honda's dream will continue to lead to new insights and technologies in motorcycles and other fields of mobility. And Honda will spread the philosophy of The Power of Dreams across India. A country where a billion people carry dreams in their hearts, this philosophy is brought alive by